Our community consist of experts from many different disciplines in an effort to better understand human cognition and its role in blended automation. Our collaborators include engineers, psychologist, neuroscientist, medical doctors and mathematicians working toward a common goal.

Our collaborative projects explore human cognition and applications range from self-driving vehicles, human robot teaming for first response to equine assisted therapy and automation for treating autism in patients.

We meet routinely to explore new concepts, approche and ideas all focused toward developing proposals and projects of mutual interest. Here we combine and exploit our collective strengths and subject matter expertise to bring new approaches and solutions to difficult problems.

Who it is Connected to

The STABLE was founded by Dr. James E. Hubbard, Jr., a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and member of the National Academy of Engineering, borne of a desire to inspire, foster and nourish collaboration among faculty at the Texas A&M University. STABLE members are purely voluntary and consist of faculty of all ranks from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and departments who meet to share and discuss new ideas and approaches to topics of interest. Many of its members are in disciplines that do not normally collaborate therefore offers an exciting forum for discovery.

The Stable collaborators have broad expertise that spans fields of human psychology, machine learning, quantum cognition and decision making, health professionals and mathematicians. While our interest may differ in many of these areas we have a common bond in the study of human cognition.and how it may be combined with modern engineering to results in new approaches and concomitant systems.